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Business Team

Business Transformation Specialist:

Catalyzing High-Performance Excellence

As a Business Transformation Specialist, I immerse myself in various corporate landscapes, utilizing my skills to orchestrate a remarkable metamorphosis.

My magic lies in crafting high-performance cultures through a unique blend of training, coaching, and strategic consulting.

I lead the charge on shaping leaders, building team unity, and imparting skills so that every team member can skillfully navigate conflicts, becoming the driving force propelling entire teams to reach new heights.

My ultimate objective is to amplify revenue, boost productivity, and enhance job satisfaction across the organization.

Join me in the rewarding journey of transforming businesses into thriving, harmonious ecosystems of success.

Trusted by Successful Businesses
Around the World

Spot-on Emotional

Intelligence Training

"Dori knows how to lead change management through her spot-on Emotional Intelligence training and her work around company culture development."

M. Sherman

Sherman & Associates

Creative and Talented

"Against a background of great coaching skills and intelligence, I was most impressed with Dori's exceptional Empotional Intelligence. Staff, physicians, patients and collaborators at various sites in the country respected her and her abilities. Her skill profile and experience make her successful in many areas and in particular as a coach and consultant."

Dr. Hoppenbrowers

Principal Investigator,

USC Medical Center

Great Coaching Skills

"She has a unique ability to connect with people and develop a deep understanding of where they are at in life and where they wish they were. Dori has been a great coach for me and has helped me develop into the community leader that I am today. She is creative and talented and has always been able to give me a new and unique perspective that has helped me come up with creative solutions to barriers that I faced both personally and professionally."

Maria M.

Press Secretary,

City of Pittsburgh

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