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Human Resources &
Training Specialists

Empowering Organizations by Driving Bottom Line Results through HR Excellence and Training Solutions


DEHR Consulting, LLC is dedicated to improving your organization by showing your employees how to be their best, happiest, most productive selves. We do this through training workshops, presentations, one-on-one sessions, activities, and exercises that address the issues preventing your workplace from being the great place to work that it can be.

DEHR Consulting, LLC offers complete training workshops, including a workbook to accompany the presentation, in the following areas:

DEHR Consulting, LLC works with you to create

a customized package for your organization.

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What Our Clients Say

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Carrie F. T., Hearts & Horses

"Dori came into our organization when we were about to close our doors. She was able to quickly assess the immediate needs to stabilize our organization and get the right people on board. Through emotional intelligence training and culture development, she led us from the red to black and beyond. Dori has fantastic interpersonal skills and the ability to help you see beyond your own fears and struggles."
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