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How Emotional Intelligence Improves Your Bottom Line

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a powerful indicator of success. EI starts with self-awareness followed by self-regulation. When someone has those two things, they become more empathic. Employees who have empathy provide better customer service which creates brand lotalty.

We all know what it feels like to walk into a store or get on the phone with a call-center representative and have to deal with customer service reps who have no EI. It's a terribly frustrating experience that we do not wish to ever have again. We also know what it's like when we feel heard and cared for when dealing with a frustrating issue. It makes us want to do business there again. It also makes us want to share our positive experiences with others. It's the best marketing on the planet.

When leadership is high in EI, they attract good people and naturally build loyalty. When a company culture emphasizes EI, it creates an environment that is engaging with low conflict. People know how to talk to each other without becoming accusatory or defensive. It's much more collaborative and productivity increases exponentially. Employee retention goes up and sick days go down.

There are endless examples of how EI has improved its bottom line. Here are a few:

  • A nationwide insurance company used EI to increase sales by 28%.

  • A multi-year intervention at an American chemical plant led to a 91% improvement in employee engagement, a 167% increase in production, and an 83% decrease in safety incidents.

  • Komatsu doubled engagement and increased performance using EI.

  • FedEx used EI training for success in its fast-paced task-focused work environment.

  • Vega Energy used EI to increase engagement and build its succession pipeline.

  • The US Navy and Marine Corps used EI to create a 43% increase in readiness to cope with the complexities of organizational transformation.

  • Greengas Consulting used EI to increase team engagement for a 90% performance gain.

When you invest in your people, the ROI is exponential. You'll cut costs because you'll keep great staff.

Employee production greatly increases and that is a direct increase to your bottom line. Customer loyalty begins to skyrocket and word-of-mouth marketing will also drive up your numbers.

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