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DEHR Consulting's one sheet on Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a learnable, measurable, and scientifically validated skillset. There are different types of intelligence. IQ and EI are not mutually exclusive, but EI is twice as predictive of performance than IQ. EI enables cognitive development and is sometimes called “being smarter with feelings.”

Why we’re different from others teaching/offering training on EI

Once a scientific topic becomes popular, especially a trainable skill, many people see it as simply a business opportunity. We are scientists. We thoroughly understand the science behind EI and how to help others acquire and improve their skillset. With a strong educational background in psychology, our team also knows how people learn.

Examples of successful applications of EI in different industries

➢ An IT company used 1-on-1 EI coaching and improved morale and reduced turnover.

➢ EI assessments, coaching and training transformed a leadership team in Big Pharma

on the brink of collapse.

➢ A study of retired NFL players found a large correlation between EI and life success.

➢ A nationwide insurance company used EI to increase sales 28%.

➢ A multi-year intervention at an American chemical plant led to 91% improvement in employee engagement, a 167% increase in production and an 83% decrease in safety incidents.

➢ The US Navy and Marine Corps used EI to create a 43% increase in readiness to cope

with the complexities of organizational transformation.

➢ Greengas Consulting used EI to increase team engagement for a 90% performance gain.

➢ A 3rd grade classroom in Silicon Valley Elementary School used EI to achieve a 25% boost in academics.

➢ A two-year study showed how EI training for individuals facing racial or socio￾economic barriers brought a 24% increase in key life outcomes.

It’s not magic – like any learned skill, it takes practice!

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